Welcome to the Tour du Mont Blanc
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Imagine walking through three countries, staying in refuges, experiencing alpine climbs, sun, rain, fog and snow!

A 105 mile wilderness hike set to make the heart soar and the adrenaline rush. And all in less than two weeks!

Physically taxing, visually exciting and the chance to meet fascinating people of all age groups along the way.

This is, the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Inspired the previous year by an agency organised hike in Scotland from Perth to Fort William we decided that in 2007  we would try something more adventurous. Given our love of mountains, an Alpine hike seemed the natural course to follow. After some book reading and much internet researching the Tour du Mont Blanc stood out as the hike to both challenge and inspire.

As hiking novices, the thought of organising such an adventure was daunting. So many questions to ask and no single place to go for answers. So on our return this website was born. We hope you find it useful.

If you would like to contribute photos, experience or advice feel free to do so and we shall incorporate whatever we can.
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